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Launch of the New Contraceptive-Induced Menstrual Changes Global Research & Learning Agenda

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

This post originally appeared on the Research for Scalable Solutions blog. View original post here.

In Nov 2020, global stakeholders convened for an online technical consultation on contraceptive-induced menstrual changes (CIMCs). Since then, FHI 360 has convened a global, multidisciplinary CIMC Task Force to draft research and learning agendas focused on CIMCs around areas of particular interest, including: ​1) measurement​, 2) contraceptive R&D and biomedical research, 3) social-behavioral & user preferences research, and ​4) programmatic research.

​The CIMC Global Research and Learning Agenda (RLA) was launched during a dissemination event on November 16, 2021. This RLA provides guidance for researchers, product developers, health care providers, program implementors, advocates, policymakers, and funders interested in exploring and contributing to a collective understanding of the issue of CIMCs. The recording of the dissemination meeting is available here and the full CIMC Research & Learning Agenda can be accessed here.

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