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April 2024 Hormonal IUD Introduction Update

Updated: Apr 26

As of April 2024, 8 countries have begun to formally introduce hormonal IUD as a component of their standard contraceptive method mix, with support from global coordinators, 2 countries have begun introduction independently, and 7 countries are engaged in pre-introduction activities, including the development of costed introduction plans and quantification exercises. Several additional countries have expressed interest in integrating hormonal IUD into family planning services. The map above shows just the engaged countries in Africa, but countries in Central America, the Middle East and Central Asia, and Southern Asia have also expressed interest and begun pre-introduction.

The Hormonal IUD Access Group actively engages with countries at all stages of scoping, pre-introduction, introduction, and scale-up. For additional information, see the Hormonal IUD 101 introductory resource package.

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