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Hormonal IUD Didactic Digital Training Course

The hormonal IUD digital training was originally developed by Population Services International and the Society for Family Health in Nigeria, with support from donors, including USAID and FHI 360, and with source materials from the quality-assured suppliers of the hormonal IUD, Medicines360 and Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and the WHO Training Resource Package.

The training is a technical, didactic course on the hormonal IUD for health care providers experienced in offering family planning services, which can be completed at their own pace on any smart phone, tablet, or computer. Following successful completion of the training, providers should complete a hands-on practicum where they have the opportunity to practice their skills on both training models and with actual clients under supervision of a master trainer.

View the full course introduction here:

If you are interested in using the digital training course, view the course implementation guidance here, and contact Kendal Danna at to learn how to access the course and how to integrate it into your training program.

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