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Launch of new High Impact Practices Strategic Planning Guide

The High Impact Practices (HIPs) for Family Planning recently released a new Strategic Planning Guide, Contraceptive Method Introduction to Expand Choice, which is intended to lead program managers, planners, national policy makers, and other stakeholders through a strategic process to coordinate the introduction of contraceptive methods through public and private access channels. The guide was developed through consultation with technical experts and summarizes guidance from key resources for method introduction.

This HIP Guide provides an overview and links to other resources for more depth and detail and provides implementation tips for each element, as illustrated below.

Elements of contraceptive method introduction

The guide states, “Successful contraceptive introduction efforts typically include seven elements. These elements are not listed as linear steps because the process is often iterative; revisiting and adapting approaches is often necessary to set the stage for scale-up.”

This resource can be applied to support country-level efforts to introduce the hormonal IUD in the context of method choice. In addition, check out the Resource Library for more relevant materials including the Hormonal IUD Introduction Planning Guide.

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